North American (US) mentality part II…

Posted on July 6, 2009


To understand American mentality – this and the following two blog delivers perspectives on the subject.

First, understand that if you achieve success you will receive “uncut” and unrestricted respect and support from your surroundings. More success equals even more respect and support. No one criticizes people with success. They automatically earn success and support. Further, the biggest successes becomes narratives to be told again and again.

What does this function mean? I see this mental function as the strongest contributor to the development and evolution of modern american society. The individual initiative.

But the lack of criticism towards successful people leads to less redevelopment of even more original decisions/positions.

In Denmark exists a special mentality called “jantelov”. It means that even if you sacrifices everything and succeed you will be met with an attitude like “OK, but just take it easy, other things reign also. Do not think that you are something special. We have to make space for everyone around here. So, just relax man…!”

I think that the combination of automatic support and respect to successful people and a critical but appreciative approach, could develop even more original decisions/positions from single human successes.

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