North American (US) mentality part IV…

Posted on July 6, 2009


Third, United States of America is a superpower. Seen from a raw power instrument perspective the nation is overwhelming. USA spends more money than the sum of number 2-9 nations next in line on the military budget list. US ability to project traditionally power anywhere on the globe is second to none.

This knowledge would effect any nations mentality. The knowledge that you belong to a superpower nation and that you can do almost as you like. This knowledge combined with historic events where power projection was a success, construct the reality and mindset that makes you the best. And this acknowledgement will always be a part of the way a state act. In theory I believe that any state on earth that would suddenly be a lonely superpower – they would all act in ways that could resemble the way USA acts and have acted.

What does this function mean? It means that if you are the strong kid in the block and you have experienced that you can do as you desire – then you build a super power mentality as sketched before. And this mentality effect your hole approach along with your other mental web (see the two blogs before this).

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