Individualism II (1)?

Posted on August 2, 2009


I have observed that families in small villages and towns tend to decor and buy the same interior to their houses. Actually families in smaller communities tend to look and behave alike. Alike, compared to people and families in large cities. In large cities it is my impression that people sort of seek to be different. Why is it like this?

People and families in smaller communities like to have their homes ready and done as fast as possible. So they buy everything at once. And most of the stuff looks like their friends, neigbours and family.

In the large cities, people and families sort of mix interior and things more in order not to be conform and look like somebody else.

If I mix the perspective above with social mechanisms and the impression that community is more present in small towns and villages than in large cities.

If that is the case, the reason for conformity in smaller cities can be explained from social mechanisms. The longer people are together in a group, the more they tend to harmonize and look like each other. Take on the same habits and behavior.

This maybe because – when you interact with other, when you accept to be social, you also accept to handle all the endless relations oriented nitty gritty, pushing and dealing. Negotiating and small conflicts. That will always be the challenge when involving yourself in social activities. That is why individualism and only doing what you like and think is right – is sooo easy and most of all convenient (individualism is the convenient choice…).

Nevertheless, the explanation to this conformity in smaller cities, could be the urge to reduce disorder and disturbance. There is enough of that in social relations. And as meaning seeking creatures we automatically seek to reduce disturbance.

Ok, now you have got a bunch of perspectives above…try to stir them or put them in a bowl and add Collaborative Man? And then try to position yourself in a development position.

What I see from this mix is that the collaborative man, family, community or society first of all acknowledge that they can not make sense alone. Therefore they socialize more. This also goes for the large cities. In modern times, large cities development were (and is) driven mainly due to the presence of diversity.

But suddenly large cities tend to be more community like and conform. Meaning that diversity will be reduced and thereby the speed of development. As a modern society this path is not productive. So then what? Well, maybe we should preserve individualism – but as a new type. Individualism II?