Individualism II (2)?

Posted on August 2, 2009


As human beings in modern societies, we are extreme individualists. This means that we are out of our former practice of being social in communities. Not social like communicating. But social in a sharing way. Social with all its nitty gritty inconvenience. And being extreme individuals we experience that when ever we find ourselves in social relations we discover huge differences. Differences that makes the social inconvenience even bigger. And we return to our own world. Relieved of the social inconvenience. A dark circle of a growing individualism avoiding community more and more. Maybe this is how we developed to extreme individualists? Until.

Until we suddenly find that we can no longer make sense alone. We have to become collaborative. Then what? Collaborative Man may give up the search for convenience. The involvement must include the relational work between people. The giving and taking. We must take the social inconvenience in order to get the social benefit from making sense.

But this will lead to conformity and reduced difference between people. Reduced development. And this will never be acceptable in a modern society?

If diversity is a major generator to development speed. And the speed is still essential to the modern collaborative society. Then individualism could be evolved into a new individualism. Social relations should avoid human beings from becoming alike and conform.

But can human beings, in social relations, change mindset towards being positive to diversity? Can we be genuine appreciative? And individualistic at the same time? Can we be Collaborative Man?