Future corporate leader approach…

Posted on February 7, 2010



Make decisions on your own – based on what you already know. Stop trying to align the reality you perceive – to fit inside the boxes inside your head. Trying to make sense alone will leave you in the traditional field where acknowledgement probably will be manifested if you prove to be competent in areas you already master… Alone your need for security is obvious and the possibility of becoming incompetent will make you reluctant from moving into unknown waters. Therefore U will never be able to see the reality, but only roughly shaped contours of reality . You will feel safe. You will stay status quo. Welcome to traditional leader behavior – the leader of yesterday…


– Accepting that only together with other you will understand reality. Start seeing the path to acknowledgement through how much you give. How much you support the collaborative process of making sense. Accepting and finding that security comes by being a member of the community. No need delivering tons of old arguments from experts to cement that you are right and others are wrong. Others acknowledgement of your person rest on your ability to give. To support the collaborative sense making. To understand and see the possibilities of the future. Collaborative Man®