Help understanding CM® – a model?

Posted on February 8, 2010


Basically all U need 2 reflect on is the three main positions in Collaborative Man® (CM®), that is (1) we (modern world) are all massively connected, (2) we receive extreme loads of data 24/7 through these connections and (3) these data becomes obsolete faster and faster. If U reflect on these positions e.g. on the question, “what could these perspectives mean to your decision-making process at work, with your family or persons involved with your spare time activities?”.

Off course, as a true collaborative U should not reflect alone, but together with relevant persons in your sphere – to make a collaborative answer.

Initially I had decided that I would not invent a model (or models) that could frame CM®. The reason being, that if you needed a model, you and your connections easily would be able to make one that fitted your unique positions. But as I have come 2 realize – models support understanding better – than words on a screen.

So now, I have started to build a model that reflects how corporates could approach this social tech. How to get started. The reason for choosing the corporate angel is my spare time activities trying to spread the CM® message among the Danish companies.

The possible backdrops making a model, is like making a decision – you chose to navigate on old knowledge. But I also know that a model is viewed differently from person to person. And this is really what made me start-up.

It would help a lot if you could post some comments to sharpen the models. Thanks in advance.