What is?

Posted on February 13, 2010


Now and in the future we can not make sense alone. This is the main thesis. The reason is that we are massively connected and receive loads of data 24/7. Data that gets obsolete faster and faster.

The above is the over all thesis with linked explanations. And you have to reflect on the these alone and together with the people related to the context where you work, hobbies or family. Only you will and can know what the thesis will mean to you and your surroundings. No one can tell you what it will mean. You have to reflect in conjunction with your daily context. Your specific context being the reason that others thoughts will be not useable.

As we can not make sense alone but only contextual together with relevant people – we must become Collaborative Man. As Collaborative Man we can take part in collaborative learning processes.

To become Collaborative Man, each person must 1) change fundamental attitudes and 2) learn how to support collaborative processes. The first area being the hardest challenge.

Of course I can tell you what I think of it – how I view the thesis and the challenges and what it means for my social behavior. But it is the personal reflection part combined with talking about the reflections and listening to your work colleagues. It is this process that will evolve your personal and group acknowledgement/understanding in the right context.

Seen from a corporate angel, Collaborative Man is about making the best decisions. The thesis is still that only together can we make sense. This goes also for the best decision. In other words the leader and his team must work collaboratively to be able to make the best decisions contextual.

The next question you might ask is how do I (we) become Collaborative Man? The “right approach” would be to reflect together with your team. But earlier in the txt I revealed my perspective on becoming Collaborative Man. Your next reflection process could be on the questions: With the thesis in mind a) what fundamental attitudes support a social behavior? and b) how should a collaborative leaning process be like?

Now, go get started on your reflection…