Collaborative Man® is II…

Posted on February 15, 2010


In general

What a person must be, to be able to make sense (with others).

From a corporate perspective

What an employee needs to be – to be able to take part and support a team collaborative learning process.

What a corporation needs its employees to be, to be able to make the best decisions.

From a society point of view

What a society needs its citizens to be, to be able to meet and solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

From a scientific point of view

The next great inventions will be in the space between the different sciences. The ability to work beyond local scientific rules and collaboratively with other scientists will move human potential to the next level.

CM is basically about personal position, attitude and values. There isn’t any scheme of maneuver you shall follow to achieve your goal. If you and your team needs a scheme or a specific procedure – you will invent it together in accordance with the context. This is the real power of Collaborative Man®. The hard part of if is that you and your team will have to think. Think outside your standard boxes of experience. And don’t worry. Your need for security and safety will be handled by your team. Together.

Collaborative Man®.