Collaborative Man® Model – II

Posted on February 17, 2010


To become Collaborative Man you must take part in programs that work with your basic positions/values/attitudes. One program deals with the four positions Learn, Position, Make Sense and Questions. Another program works with your understanding of and participating in collaborative learning processes.

Through the programs you will work with the following conceptions – conceptions that work against the conceptions build into Collaborative Man:

1) A person will always be able to make sense alone. This due to mind functions that shapes experiences into rough pictures of reality.

2) Traditional learning processes as experienced in school. The teacher will tell me what is important and I will repeat until I remember.

3) Traditional way of getting recognition: I will learn experts knowledge, behavior and views by heart + own experiences – being able to repeat endlessly to defend my viewpoint. I am right. If I should change views I would look foolish and incompetent. To be safe I will repeat my views.

4) Traditional way of working in teams – cooperative work (see scheme under)