Pedagogic and learning praxis enters the world of management…

Posted on May 15, 2010


Collaborative Man® brings pedagogical and learning praxis into the sphere of management, organization and leadership.

CEO’s, leaders and boards needs to reflect on how changes are conducted and supported. Perspectives from pedagogic and modern learning will influence decision-making on how to support change in organizations.

When you acknowledge that “effective” learning is not about one person imitating another (the leader) – but “real” learning also requires thinking and speaking – it is not enough that the CEO presents their new strategy as a Powerpoint show and a pep talk. It is required that employees are given the time and space to reflect and share their reflections.

Or when the board acknowledge that they are too few to be able to build a solid picture of the situation. The board needs more and different persons to build a collaborative view and make better decisions.

Pedagogical perspectives on learning praxis is the “new black” in management and leadership to come.

Collaborative Man® – a social tech for today and the future.