“Working together” as a Megatrend?

Posted on May 15, 2010


Can “working together and coordinating” be labeled a Megatrend?

Megatrend is defined as “…great forces in societal development that will affect all areas – state, market and civil society – for many years to come” according to Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. Common megatrends are among others broadband width and mega cities.

Working together and coordinating are two coherent human activities that cooperatives focus on in their effort to meet the many challenges of today. Look around – in magazines, in commercials, in corporate strategies and government programs – working together and coordinating are seen as important behavior and elements.

I experience that the words cooperation and coordination are used more often than five or ten years ago. And one explanation maybe a growing understanding, that the many challenges only can be solved – if we work together.

Collaborative Man® offers an approach to future navigating – individual, corporate, societal and global.