Why should I become Collaborative Man?

Posted on May 24, 2010


“I can manage the complex world alone. I often produce answers at work that seems logical – taking many aspects into consideration – and above all get accepted by my colleagues and my manager. They see me as smart and hard-working. I get credit. I get my knowledge from talking to a guy “down under”. He works in a special group and the knowledge they produce is top notch. Of course I will not reveal my source to my colleagues – the knowledge is worth gold to my career. If I should split my knowledge with my colleagues I would miss all the credit and above all the bonus at Christmas…”

“As a CEO I would never share the company inventions with other companies. We use copyright because we make money. And profit is our mission. This is why we are here. I cash a board bonus every two month for keeping track with the budget-plan. And I get mentioned in the international corporate news every time my company breaks the profit expectations. I can easily absorb the reality. No problem. It is all about focusing on one or two areas and then update yourself . I take responsibility and I make the major decisions. I try to be all you can be. Be an example to my employees and managers. Collaborate work is nonsense. Cooperative work – works. I tell my employees what part of the challenge they shall solve. And each of them return with the brick to the puzzle I handle. I make the puzzle. I am in charge.”