The “new” can only be constructed together: Look up: Recognition-pack! Merry Christmas and happy new year…

Posted on December 23, 2010


“Recognition-pack: If how we perceive is formed by our unique genetic appearance plus our unique mass of experience – we all perceive a very rough picture of “reality”. Why is this? First of all, our unique genetic appearance influences how we prefer to learn and take in and form new experiences: Maybe you prefer to look at pictures and sit in a quiet and warm place. Secondly – as “safe-seeking creatures” we all tend to reduce what we experience to fit into our existing mass of knowledge. To much difference makes us insecure. In other words – our existing knowledge influences how we perceive and what new experience we save in our minds.”

On top of this recognition-pack, we can also place how each of us decides to position ourselves to view reality: Maybe we take on a holistic view or maybe a specialist view – narrowed to a very limited area.

The result is, that each of us perceives a very rough edition of reality.

If you intend to be able to make better decisions – you may by now, have recognized the need for other persons perception of reality.

Collaborative Man® is a social tech that maybe one of many solutions, to be able to make better decisions.

Only together can we make better decisions, in an extreme complex reality.

Collaborative Man® is not a recipe – a system – you can follow to be able to make better decisions. Collaborative Man® is a system mainly comprised of necessary positions to be able to make better decisions. In that way Collaborative Man® can adapt to any situation – any context – and support the best collaborative learning process to deliver the best possible solution in accordance with the context. I see position as mindset readiness: You react to any situation without much thought. You behavior is based on a profound understanding.

Collaborative Man® is beyond universal solutions. This social tech connects with the actual context and the participants – and supports the construction of better decisions.

The hard part is to “take in” the supporting and necessary positions. Once they are inside you and part of your “normal” behavior – they will affect your decision-making process in all dimensions.

Collaborative Man® – a social tech: Only together can we make sense.

Merry Christmas and happy new year in 2011.