Understand modern learning and improve your INNOVATION!

Posted on February 5, 2011


“If learning is a crucial part of any innovation process, then you can achieve improved innovation results along with an improved understanding of how to support learning processes.”

You may get a clearer picture of the statement above, if you make a parallel from learning to development, change, idea-generation and creativity.

Innovation model: Front End Innovation
From the innovation model you can say that the second and third phase of the process is less challenging (New Product Development and Implementation). The second and third phase are about production and distribution and are generally easier to handle than the first phase (Front End Innovation)!

This points towards the first phase in the model and the big challenge, “How do we create new sustainable ideas?”. ‘Sustainable’ as “ideas that can be produced, distributed and sold.” (The first phase in the model pictures only one of many systematic approaches within the field of innovation.)

Learning is the base of “everything”…
Learning processes is the most important process in the innovation loop first phase. Human mental learning processes are the base of any work comprising the urge for change, development, idea-generation or creativity. If you obtain a better understanding of modern learning processes and how to facilitate and support these processes, you can optimize the results of your innovation programs.

Understanding of modern learning fits into any innovation systematic approach you can come up with!

The social technology, Collaborative Man® comprises among others a new modern learning model with a focus on how to make it work in a real context. The model is named, Listen – Think – Talk. Feel free to look up older post to find out what the model is about.

Collaborative Man® – a future social technology that supports better navigation in a complex and fast reality.