Corporate point of view

The logic

From a corporate point of view Collaborative Man® is about making better decisions. The logic is: We act in an extreme complex reality where we only can make sense together (this is the basic position of Collaborative Man®) and we must work together decidedly to understand our situation better. Understanding the situation – the context – supports better decisions.
The personal and corporate challenge is to change the way we work together – from cooperative to collaborative work. And your “personal sacrifice” is among others to cash in recognition – not from safeguarding what you know, but by sharing your knowledge with others and contributing to the social construction of meaning. Trying to understand is all about making sense. And by working collaborative you will receive recognition from your contribution to the social effort.

An understanding

Collaborative Man® is not a social tech that includes a process model you can follow and then all your challenges are solved. Collaborative Man® comprises a number of positions (personal views and understandings) that together enables the employee to work collaborative with other employees and managers.

The specific positions are developed through modern learning programs, involving employees and managers together.

Work collaboratively

Working collaboratively – the group will be able to take on any challenge and come up with an original solution. If the group need a model – they will invent it in the work process.

Collaborative work is the way of the future community. The group, the team, the corporation, governmental, regional and global.

Collaborative Man® a social technology.

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