The Collaborative Man idea is a personal reflection that started in 2005. Late 2007 the overall form and brand (Collaborative Man) emerged. In March 2009 the website www.collaborativeman.com was launched in a preliminary version. This Blog started a month later. The whole process from 2005 and onwards being unstructured, ink spot like and kind of chaotic. Never knowing what would be around the next corner or where the next corner would be. Late 2009 Collaborative Man® became a registered trademark.

The two main positions of Collaborative Man® is: (1) every person in the modern world is massively connected and (2) these connections delivers loads of information 24/7/365 – information that faster and faster becomes obsolete. The logic following these two main positions is that only together with others,  man can make sense. And, only make sense contextual.

A forward criticism towards Collaborative Man® is that man constantly makes sense. The mental functions have been described as coping or pre-understanding. Man always try to decrease the difference between the contextual experience and own experience. You can say that man tries to fit the experienced reality into the already made mind boxes of old experience. This function produces extreme rough pictures of the complex reality surrounding us. It means that a single person only can get a very limited understanding. That is why more people must come together and make sense of the situation – make sense collaborative wise.

The aim of this blog is to release all my reflections related to the process around Collaborative Man®. In that aspect I hope that you, dear reader, will give your own reflections to support a collaborative process.

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