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It is not about avoiding thinking…(?)

January 30, 2013


It is not about avoiding thinking and just wait for someone to present the solution. But this is often the case when you look at employees and managers participating in a briefing where an (cost-effective) consultant presents the solution. The same scenario can also be observed when the manager presents his plan to the employees. It is […]

Community before individualism

March 23, 2011


Columnist David Brooks the only conservative at the New York Times just published a book about brain science, The Social Animal. However, this post is not about Mr. Brooks, NY Times or that he may be the only conservative in NY! This post is about a question that was posed in an interview with Mr. […]

Soldiers, complexity, daily life and world challenges…

March 22, 2011


A short reflection on daily life of the combat soldier and you, anxiety, insecurity, our perception of reality and what it does for us… Combat soldier have it more easy… I just watched Hurt Locker by Kathryn Bigelow and I wandered about the mindset that comes with being a combat soldier. Deployed to war where […]

The future is like driving faster and faster on a narrowing street …

February 19, 2011


“You need to slow down to be able to steer more precise – but you can’t! Instead the speed just keeps increasing. You need to steer better but you cannot do it alone. There are to many knobs, handles and buttons. You can only steer and navigate your car through the narrow streets together with […]

Understand modern learning and improve your INNOVATION!

February 5, 2011


“If learning is a crucial part of any innovation process, then you can achieve improved innovation results along with an improved understanding of how to support learning processes.” You may get a clearer picture of the statement above, if you make a parallel from learning to development, change, idea-generation and creativity. Innovation model: Front End […]

You need to talk change as if you were the Chief Financial Officer!

February 3, 2011


To be understood; Chief Innovation Officers should present their innovation initiatives in a hard-core operational manner! I acknowledged this when attending a splendid lecture about leadership and innovation last week. During the session I reflected about the statement, “Chief Innovations Officers have a tough job convincing the CEO and other top officers in the company […]

Why is Collaborative Man® important?

June 23, 2010


A challenge to find out ‘what’s going on’ It is interesting to look into how humans can make sense and navigate in daily life to meet the challenges of today and the future. The reason is that I experience that we generally have problems making sense. Making sense as understanding ‘what is going on’. It […]

Collaborative Man® in opposition to…

June 17, 2010


Collaborative Man® is also a continued break in basic views on work processes, learning and management systems. Collaborative Man® represents a change in how we think and practice working together. From cooperative working to collaborative working processes. Further Collaborative Man® represents a continued break in the traditional way we think and practice learning. From traditional […]

The Challenge

May 21, 2010


Programs which support personal learning processes are challenged by existing views and positions. You can say that we are still influenced (among others) by the thinking of the industrial age. And it is the positions from the industrial age that will be challenged by the social tech Collaborative Man®. The figure shows the main challenges […]

The overall message

May 21, 2010


The Overall message and the three supporting positions in this figure: We are all connected massively. The number of connections increasing constantly. Through these connections we receive loads of data. The amount of data increasing constantly. The data has a limited time of use. New data are constructed constantly. As a single person or a […]

What is in it for me? (the company asks…)

May 19, 2010


From a corporate point of view Collaborative Man® is about making better decisions. The logic is: We act in an extreme complex reality where we only can make sense together (this is the basic acknowledgement if the theory shall make sense). Therefore we must work together decidedly to understand our situation better. The challenge is […]

It is not about avoid thinking…

May 16, 2010


It is not about avoiding thinking and just waiting for someone else to present the solution. But this is often the case when you look at employees and managers participating in briefings where an expensive consultant present the solution. And this trend can also be observed when the manager presents his plan to the employees. […]

A new model: Collaborative Man® a social technology seen from the personal sphere

May 7, 2010


I’ve developed a new model during my effort to explain the substance of Collaborative Man®. In the following I’ve tried in short to frame each of the elements visualized in the model. The presented model is focused on how a person could view the technology – what does it take to become a collaborative man? Collaborative […]

Model: Collaborative Man® – first shot…

February 15, 2010


To support the model I’ve produced a model of the cooperative work that most people a familiar with. If you look up the blog post before your might get another supporting look at the differences between collaborative and cooperative work. Model: Collaborative Man® as collaborative work… Versus cooperative work – a model: Supporting text will […]

Real community will never return

July 18, 2009


Zygmunt Bauman (2002) writes about Community – as a mutual sharing relation. And Ulrich Beck writes about the emergence of extreme individualism (1983 – 2002). From a modern society viewpoint, it seems as if the sharing community will never emerge again. With the extreme individualism our mindset have moved from securing our basic needs to […]

Collaborative Man – human navigation now and in the future..

July 6, 2009


We cannot make sense alone. We have to navigate and make sense together. Collaboratively.

US legacy of individualism will be its main struggle to obtain status quo as the leading state of the world

June 24, 2009


It will be as hard to the United States of America to acknowledge the mindset of Collaborative Man as it is for Iran and China to acknowledge that the interconnectedness of the world can not be countered, halted or controlled.

The western world is more ready to navigate in a hyper complex world

June 24, 2009


The West leads two to one - but the interesting part is that opposition is not interesting any longer.

structural vs fluent

June 24, 2009


How can a structural thinking culture (MIL) outmatch an unstructured/chaotic living/flexible/ adaptive mindset? Maybe the time has come where unstructured beats structural, because of the interconnectedness? Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve (future) problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Open mind

June 24, 2009


The approach to success lies in the ability to connect to and understand your mission and partner (human system) => this understanding will show needed contextual approach (in detail). You do not need to plan your moves in detail. You will know what to do in the situation – but only if you have an […]