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Goodbye to petit bourgeois

July 27, 2015


I am very aware of if I think, speak or engage in conduct that I interpret as petty bourgeois. The reason is that I dissociate myself from petit bourgeois, because it exhibits some aspects of human beings, which I can not support. This does not mean that I am totally clean for petit bourgeois. I’m not. I admit […]

Community before individualism

March 23, 2011


Columnist David Brooks the only conservative at the New York Times just published a book about brain science, The Social Animal. However, this post is not about Mr. Brooks, NY Times or that he may be the only conservative in NY! This post is about a question that was posed in an interview with Mr. […]

Why should I become Collaborative Man?

May 24, 2010


“I can manage the complex world alone. I often produce answers at work that seems logical – taking many aspects into consideration – and above all get accepted by my colleagues and my manager. They see me as smart and hard-working. I get credit. I get my knowledge from talking to a guy “down under”. […]

What is in it for me? (the company asks…)

May 19, 2010


From a corporate point of view Collaborative Man® is about making better decisions. The logic is: We act in an extreme complex reality where we only can make sense together (this is the basic acknowledgement if the theory shall make sense). Therefore we must work together decidedly to understand our situation better. The challenge is […]

Future corporate leader approach…

February 7, 2010


STOP Make decisions on your own – based on what you already know. Stop trying to align the reality you perceive – to fit inside the boxes inside your head. Trying to make sense alone will leave you in the traditional field where acknowledgement probably will be manifested if you prove to be competent in […]

Individualism II (2)?

August 2, 2009


If diversity is a major generator to development speed. And the speed is still essential to the modern collaborative society. Then individualism could be evolved into a new individualism. Social relations should avoid human beings from becoming alike and conform.

Individualism II (1)?

August 2, 2009


That is why individualism and only doing what you like and think is right - is sooo easy and most of all convenient (individualism is the convenient choice…).