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It is not about avoiding thinking…(?)

January 30, 2013


It is not about avoiding thinking and just wait for someone to present the solution. But this is often the case when you look at employees and managers participating in a briefing where an (cost-effective) consultant presents the solution. The same scenario can also be observed when the manager presents his plan to the employees. It is […]

Community before individualism

March 23, 2011


Columnist David Brooks the only conservative at the New York Times just published a book about brain science, The Social Animal. However, this post is not about Mr. Brooks, NY Times or that he may be the only conservative in NY! This post is about a question that was posed in an interview with Mr. […]

“Working together” as a Megatrend?

May 15, 2010


Can “working together and coordinating” be labeled a Megatrend? Megatrend is defined as “…great forces in societal development that will affect all areas – state, market and civil society – for many years to come” according to Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. Common megatrends are among others broadband width and mega cities. Working together and […]

Collaborative Man® Model – II

February 17, 2010


To become Collaborative Man you must take part in programs that work with your basic positions/values/attitudes. One program deals with the four positions Learn, Position, Make Sense and Questions. Another program works with your understanding of and participating in collaborative learning processes. Through the programs you will work with the following conceptions – conceptions that […]

Collaborative Man® is II…

February 15, 2010


In general What a person must be, to be able to make sense (with others). From a corporate perspective What an employee needs to be – to be able to take part and support a team collaborative learning process. What a corporation needs its employees to be, to be able to make the best decisions. […]

Collaborative Man – human navigation now and in the future..

July 6, 2009


We cannot make sense alone. We have to navigate and make sense together. Collaboratively.