Social Technology?


Collaborative Man® is labeled a social technology. But what is a social technology?

The easy and fast answer is, look up Otto Scharmer’s Theory U which is labeled a social technology.


The technology definition can be viewed at Wikipedia, as the making, modification, usage, and knowledge, to solve a problem, improve a preexisting solution to a problem, achieve a goal or perform a specific function. In other words does the technology term not only refer to electronics.

Despite the definition I also look at technology as a specific system of thoughts that provide support to solve – in this case – a social challenge – to make sense.


Complexity is envisaged

Collaborative Man® main message confronts the spoken complexity of today; a complexity we do not experience because the human brain automatically reduce information as part of the perception process. But, a complexity we can merely read about when we look at the data, statistics and studies about development in information technology, network and the world wide net. (I know some would claim that they experience a much more complex reality today and I respect that, but I think the experience is envisaged)

Main message

The main message of Collaborative Man® is, that to move on and deal with all the complex challenges now and in the future – we need to come together. In order to succeed – there is not much room for the needs of the single person to receive recognition/credit/ acknowledgment. How and why we receive acceptance from others will change towards how much we give to others and how much we support the social sense making process.

The last decades and the focus on individualism and the ability for a single person to overlook the situation is definitely over. No one can make sense alone. The traditional qualities of star employees who are able to produce huge amounts of theoretical arguments and referring to well-known experts to get it right. This era is over.

Collaborative competences

The future employee stars will have the ability to interact with different people and support a mutual collaborative effort to produce contextual suited solutions to all challenges.

Try to picture groups of different branch specialists, with different cultures and different ages, gender and posture – come together and invent new systems, new tools and new knowledge to deal with a specific and contextual challenge and succeed – every time. That is the scenario of collaborative learning with people behaving like Collaborative Man®.

Welcome to a future social technology.

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