Foredrag: Service Innovation – praksis for innovationsparate virksomheder

October 29, 2011


Service Innovation – praksis for innovationsparate virksomheder En stor andel af den økonomiske vækst skabes af innovation inden for service, hvor det ikke er traditionel produktudvikling der er i centrum men service innovation. Der er ikke så megen erfaring og tradition endnu – så hvordan gribes det egentligt an i praksis? Foredraget indeholder en præsentation […]

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July 31, 2011


A milestone is reached as my blog site has been visited more than 5.000 times. Thank you all who has followed my blog on a regular basis. I will be back soon with a transformed lay out and new categories. Have a nice summer!

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Change-people should apply for operational jobs more often

July 1, 2011


Change-people should apply for operational oriented jobs to gain more influence on the company essential work processes and thereby optimize product value. I experience a strong tendency where change-people is often found in change dominated departments or companies where they can be with mind-fellows and talk change-language. Thereby they often reduce their role to merely […]

Community before individualism

March 23, 2011


Columnist David Brooks the only conservative at the New York Times just published a book about brain science, The Social Animal. However, this post is not about Mr. Brooks, NY Times or that he may be the only conservative in NY! This post is about a question that was posed in an interview with Mr. […]

Soldiers, complexity, daily life and world challenges…

March 22, 2011


A short reflection on daily life of the combat soldier and you, anxiety, insecurity, our perception of reality and what it does for us… Combat soldier have it more easy… I just watched Hurt Locker by Kathryn Bigelow and I wandered about the mindset that comes with being a combat soldier. Deployed to war where […]

The future is like driving faster and faster on a narrowing street …

February 19, 2011


“You need to slow down to be able to steer more precise – but you can’t! Instead the speed just keeps increasing. You need to steer better but you cannot do it alone. There are to many knobs, handles and buttons. You can only steer and navigate your car through the narrow streets together with […]

Understand modern learning and improve your INNOVATION!

February 5, 2011


“If learning is a crucial part of any innovation process, then you can achieve improved innovation results along with an improved understanding of how to support learning processes.” You may get a clearer picture of the statement above, if you make a parallel from learning to development, change, idea-generation and creativity. Innovation model: Front End […]