Model III – social tech and how it works…

Posted on May 24, 2010


Collaborative Man® overall message (“we can only understand together”) can be handled by the social tech comprising (the six),
– the competence to take part and facilitate collaborative work,
– the competence to support modern learning praxis and
– the four supporting personal views (positions).

Special programs must be run to support the development of the six areas in a person or in a group. Learning programs that handles change of personal views takes time. Try shifting your watch from your left wrist to your right wrist – the time it takes for you to feel it “right” is a useable picture of the time needed to change from one basic position to another. Therefore the program runs over month.

Attitude can be translated as action preparedness – because you have a certain pre-understanding it will automatically guide your behavior. And this is much more effective than trying to follow a scheme or a procedure drafted by somebody else.

If a group of people act on their personal convictions they will be able to synch with each other and the situation better. They can focus their attention 100 % – being present with their entire person. They do not have to divert their focus on some not-personal process line, specific steps and written doings. Acting on your convictions/attitudes/positions – the process will feel fluent and obvious. If you need a scheme to overcome the challenge – the group will find out and produce it together. This way the scheme will seem much more evident. Maybe the group decides to take a known scheme or model and change it to fit the situation.

Working collaboratively – the group of people can take on any challenge. Collaborative work and learning process – exploit (positive) the knowledge, abilities and creative competence of each individual in the group so they can find an original solution to the challenge together. Each of them do not know the answer to the challenge – but they will find the answer together.

Collaborative Man® working together to solve the many challenges of today and in the future.